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Call the Nanny places high calibre nannies, mothers’ helps, maternity nurses and babysitters in Dorset. Our childcare professionals are experienced in caring for children from birth to 18 years old. We will offer you a personal and professional service and aim to find you the most qualified childcarer to match your family’s specific needs.

3 simple steps to finding your perfect nanny

We have a range of childcare options and our services include:

Live-out/Daily Nanny

Daily nannies care for your child(ren) in your home and take them to activities and groups in the local community. They work on a sole charge basis and are available on a temporary or permanent basis, full or part-time. Live out nannies usually work 8-12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, however the amount of hours worked will differ from family to family to suit individual requirements. Claire or Gemma at Call the Nanny will be happy to discuss your needs.

A daily nanny will carry out all nursery duties related to the children. Your child(ren) will receive one to one care and the nanny will use their knowledge and skills to enhance your child(ren)s development thorough educational and age appropriate play. Each family will have individual requirements, however, duties will include:

  • Organising fun, educational and age appropriate activities to ensure that the children in their care are active and social
  • Organising play dates and outings
  • School or nursery drop offs and collections
  • Bathing and dressing the children
  • Preparing nutritious meals
  • Doing the children's laundry
  • Keeping the children’s bedrooms clean and tidy
  • Ensuring that play areas are kept safe, clean and tidy

Nannies offer a flexible form of childcare and are usually flexible with the hours they work. Most nannies can also offer evening babysitting. If you would like your nanny to carry out babysitting duties on top of their full time hours, their rate will need to be agreed in advance and written into the contract. Some nannies are also happy to have sole charge of your child(ren) when you are away, or to go on holiday with you.

It is possible for some families to claim back some money towards the cost of having a nanny in the form of Tax Free Childcare Vouchers. Your nanny will need to be Ofsted registered to claim Tax Free Childcare and this is something that Call the Nanny can advise you on. To find out more about Ofsted registration please visit or contact Ofsted on 0300 123 1231. Alternatively visit the full Ofsted website

Live-in Nanny

A live-in nanny will live within the family home. They will either have a bedroom with use of a bathroom within the family home, or separate accommodation within the grounds. It is important that all house rules are made clear from the start and are stated within the nanny's contract.

What can you expect from your live-in nanny?

Live-in nannies usually work between 8-12 hours a day, five days a week. Some families wish 1-2 nights evening babysitting to be included within the salary. Live-in nannies can also work part-time. Please feel free to discuss your needs with Claire or Gemma who will be able to advise what is best for you.

Salaries for live-in nannies are usually less than for daily nannies as bills and accommodation are included. Live-In nannies working Monday to Friday will usually receive a salary of £250-£350 gross per week but this will vary depending on the amount of childcare experience and level of qualifications the nanny has. Live-in nannies will usually have all of their meals provided for by their employers and her preferences/special requirements should be discussed prior to her starting the role. The nanny will usually be happy to eat the same foods as the children.

Live-in nannies are entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks paid holiday and National Bank Holidays should be given as extra or payment added to her salary. The time at which the holiday is to be taken should be agreed by the employer and employee prior to commencement. Usually the employer will choose 2 weeks and the employee will choose 2 weeks.

If you require your nanny to travel abroad with you, or provide 24 hour care whilst you are away, then a set rate for this will be arranged prior to your nanny starting. When taking your nanny away on holiday with you, all travel expenses, food and the nanny's weekly wage should be covered.

A live-in nanny will carry out all nursery duties related to the children. Your child(ren) will receive one to one care and the nanny will use their skills to enhance your child(ren)s development thorough educational play. Each family will have individual requirements, however, generally the live-in nanny will organise activities to ensure that the children in their care are active and social. Activities will be fun and age appropriate and could include for example creative arts and crafts, trips to the park, playgroup, the library, baby/toddler classes, swimming and play dates. The nanny will also do any school or nursery drop offs and collections, bathe and dress the child(ren), prepare nutritious meals, do the child(ren)'s laundry, organise the child(ren)'s bedrooms and ensure that the play areas are kept safe, clean and tidy.

Temporary Nanny
A temporary nanny can work part-time or full-time on a short or long term basis for families that do not require a permanent nanny. Our temporary nannies may be in the process of looking for a permanent position, or in most cases, they are not looking for a long-term commitment with one family and choose to work for several families at a time, which offers them variety and flexibility. Nannies can be booked from anything from one day up to 6 months. If you need an extra pair of hands for a short while, for example after having a new baby, during school holidays, or whilst moving home, then a temporary nanny might be the ideal solution for you.
Mothers’/Fathers’ help
If you feel that you need another pair of hands to support you with your child(ren), but don’t want to be away from them, then a mothers'/fathers’ help could be the solution. A mothers’/fathers’ help will usually be less qualified than a standard nanny, but will have some experience with children. The role of a mothers' help is to support and assist the parent(s) with the daily care of their child(ren). This is usually a shared care position and the mother or father should be around for the majority of the time. A mothers' help will generally carry out more household duties than a nanny.
Additional Needs Nanny
We recognise that there is a high demand for nannies and carers to look after children with varying additional needs. Our additional needs nannies are qualified and experienced. Some are children’s nurses and many have worked in a special needs school or hospital setting. The nanny will aim to provide opportunities and activities to support your child’s learning and help him or her grow in confidence. The nanny can also look after siblings at the same time, allowing them to enjoy one another’s company. Our nannies can be flexible in terms of days and hours worked. Whether you are looking for short term respite care, emergency care, or a permanent nanny to become part of your family, we will endeavour to help you.
Before and After School Nanny

This type of nanny will come to your home and get your child(ren) ready for school/nursery and/or collect them later in the day. Her duties will be similar to that of a daily nanny but she will be more focused on after school clubs and activities if your child(ren) attends these. The nanny will also help with homework, prepare dinner and follow an early evening routine to wind down before bedtime. The nanny will make sure that the child(ren) have a fun afternoon/early evening. Some families may wish to make this role a Nanny/Housekeeper position so that the nanny can run errands and undertake household duties during the day whilst the children are at school. Some nannies may also be able to look after the children during the day when they are on school holidays.

This type of role is usually suited to a nanny with her own child that she can bring along to work with her, although after/before school nannies without their own children are also available.

If you require a nanny but you feel that you also need some help with household chores, family cooking, food shopping and the family laundry then a nanny/housekeeper could be the solution. Please contact us to find out more.
Maternity Nurse

Maternity nurses are highly qualified and experienced with newborn babies. Most of the team have previously worked as nurses, midwives, maternity nurses and maternity support workers. They will have undergone specific training. A maternity nurse will live in with the family and should be given her own accommodation. She will usually work 24 hours a day for up to 6 days in a row. Maternity nurses usually work for 2-12 weeks following the birth of a child, depending on your individual needs. Call the Nanny also offer daily Maternity Nurses who can visit you for a few hours at a time, as a one off occasion or just overnight.

A maternity nurse will be able to advise and support you with all aspects of infant care including:

  • Sleep routines
  • Breast or bottle feeding, including any feeding difficulties and sterilisation of feeding equipment
  • Support with breast feeding
  • Bathing and dressing your newborn
  • Nappy changing
  • Care and support of the postnatal mother-as well as giving you support and guidance, the maternity nurse will ensure that you are getting enough rest and can prepare light nutritious meals for you.
  • Safety advice
  • Organising the nursery
  • Doing the baby’s laundry

How much does a Maternity Nurse cost?

Maternity Nurses are self-employed and are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance contributions. You should agree payment terms directly with your Maternity Nurse, however, as a guide please see the table below:

Maternity nurse (single baby) £125-£185 per day

Maternity nurse (multiple births) £150-200 per day

Daily maternity nurse (single baby) £12-17 per hour

Daily maternity nurse (multiple births) £15-20 per hour

Junior maternity nurse £10-12 per hour

After talking through your requirements, Call the Nanny will recommend one of our registered Maternity Nurses. Our Agency fee for finding a Maternity Nurse is £75 per week live-in and £25 a day for daily Maternity Nurses.


A Nanny/PA will combine childcare duties with managing a busy household. This is an ideal solution for families with children at school. Whilst the children are at school the Nanny/PA can use her time to make bookings such as holiday bookings, doctor’s appointments or dental appointments. She will manage the family diary, run errands such as food shopping or dry cleaning, organise household maintenance/repairs and manage the household bills to give a few examples. Some parents running a business from home may wish to involve their nanny in bookkeeping or administration duties. Our Nanny/PA’s will have a background in administration as well as childcare.

After collecting the child(ren) from school/nursery the Nanny/PA’s focus will be solely on the child(ren), helping with homework, organising and taking them to activities/play dates, preparing dinner and providing a fun, age appropriate afternoon.

A Nanny/PA is an excellent option for families that require childcare but cannot offer enough hours for a professional nanny. Nannies enjoy this type of role because it gives them the opportunity to use their organisational skills and combine their passion for working with children with the variety of PA duties.

All of our babysitters have a minimum of two years’ experience in childcare and/or are NNEB, Cache level 2 or 3 qualified, or qualified children’s nurses. They have been personally interviewed and vetted by the agency, and will have had a DBS check within the last two years. They will come to your home or holiday accommodation to care for your children in the evening. We offer multiple babysitter bookings for families/friends looking to have all of their children cared for together, or for special events such as weddings or parties. Please contact us for more information regarding event nannies.
Regular Babysitting Service
Once you have told us your individual requirements, we will introduce you to one of our babysitters from our database who live locally to you. We will send you their CV to look through and once you are happy with your choice we will provide you with their contact details so that you can arrange to meet them and book them as and when you wish. The agency booking fee for this regular babysitting service is £150 for the year and it means that you can use your babysitter on a regular basis as much or as little as you want. If for some reason your babysitter is not available we will try and find you a replacement babysitter.
Not signed up to our babysitting service? Need a one off babysitter?
If you are looking for a last minute babysitter or just the odd night out, we will do our best to help you find someone. The agency fee for this is a one off payment of £10 per booking. The babysitter should be paid directly at the end of the evening. The minimum booking length is 3 hours. The babysitting rate varies from £10.50-13 per hour, increasing to £11-14 per hour after midnight (rate depends on the babysitter's qualifications and experience).

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